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Glad they are down the block! We have been eating at Armando's for a while now and we love it. I swear they know me by my first name. The service is great, the food is great whether you eat there or have it delivered. Delivery is always shorter than what they tell you and your food is always hot when you get it.
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Best Pizza and Stromboli in the city! We just moved here back in February and found them by happenstance. We ordered and BANG! that was it for us. The service is incredible with the people who answer the phones being so cheerful and nice. I recommend this place to everyone I know and each and every one of them has said the exact same thing.
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Wish I could give them more than 5 stars. We look forward to grubhub days when we get to enjoy the best pasta, bruschetta, and pizza in Lehigh valley. We often order the same meals each time, and they are exactly as delicious each and every time. Their vodka penne is on point, save the bread till you're done with the pasta so you won't have to lick the plate.
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I just called in a delivery, mind you this only the second time but most certainly not the last time that I called. They remembered what my order was last time which is exactly what I planned on getting again this time. I might be the only one who is totally shocked by this but I have never called anywhere for delivery that already had an idea as to what I wanted. Plus the food is absolutely great. They get a 5 star in my book, definitely recommend getting food from here.
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First time ordering tonight. I got it delivered and I was so surprised it was still so hot. We got wraps and chicken marsala it was delicious. Keep up the good work.
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Armando's is an excellent choice for quick & reasonably priced food. America to Itaily, pizza to baked dinners. A large choice on the menu suited to anyone. Delivery or takeout, service is quick. Employees go the extra mile to assure your order is completed as requested. I recommend Armando's to anyone witout hestation!!
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