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Armando’s was a little piece of heaven. I went with my sister in law and her three kids and my three kids. Let’s start with how much food we ordered. We ordered. Cheese fries, a pie of pizza, mozzarella sticks, 2 large cheese steaks, and mango habanero wings. The total for our food was less than $60. Which is amazing.. everything came out fast. and cooked to perfection. It was delicious. The people were amazing!! Those kids were being obnoxious and irritating. And they treated them like they were reasonable. Every member of the restaurant was pleasant. Happy. And cheerful..so if you want my advice go there!! Order from there!! They are really an amazing restaurant. The best pizzeria in the Lehigh valley.

Sylvia C.

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING FOOD AND SERVICE! One of the best cheese steaks and burgers you can taste, I suggest them to anyone in Allentown/whitehall looking for a good place to eat! Owners should definitely look into expanding the restaurant,my only suggestion would be to use a different brand of chicken fingers! (They aren’t the worst but could definitely be better) and let me not forget your counter girl is amazing and very understanding when taking orders! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK GUYS IF I COULD GIVE YOU 10 STARS I WOULD

Abi S.

Best Pizza and Stromboli in the city! We just moved here back in February and found them by happenstance. We ordered and BANG! that was it for us. The service is incredible with the people who answer the phones being so cheerful and nice. I recommend this place to everyone I know and each and every one of them has said the exact same thing.


Glad they are down the block! We have been eating at Armando’s for a while now and we love it. I swear they know me by my first name. The service is great, the food is great whether you eat there or have it delivered. Delivery is always shorter than what they tell you and your food is always hot when you get it.


Visiting from NY, my first time having pizza from Armando’s, this is by far one the best pizza I have tasted ever! The gentleman who attended to us was very warm and friendly. Will definitely be back. Keep up the great work guys!

Amrita K.

Just tried this place in Whitehall and I am glad I did! Best pizza I have had in a really long time, the crust is really nice and fluffy its not dense like it is at most places. Normally I cant eat red sauce pizzas because of the acidity of the tomato based pizza sauce but I don’t have any trouble with it here! 12/10 would absolutely recommend!

Vanessa P.

Really a fantastic restaurant. The food is very reasonably priced. The portions are very good. The food itself is all very good. The delivery is quick and prompt and the staff is nice. Overall I will be eating here again and genuinely enjoy it. 5/5

Johnathan C.

We order lunch from Armando’s at least times a week from work!! We absolutely love their SALADS!! And they come pretty fast!! We ordered an Italian cheeseburger, which they DO NOT make.. asked us how’s it done, made it and mmmmm best Italian Cheeseburger in Allentown PA!!

Allison W.

Ate a cheese steak from here everyday for months, gained like 30lbs but its so worth it best food. Its so good you dont even wanna tell people because its so good but you realize they need to stay in business.

Ignacio J.

This is THE BEST pizza in the valley. It is just like back home in Brooklyn! Also they have incentive where you collect box tops and get a free pie. I love it.

Chrisanna D.

I really like them. Food is tasty. They are friendly. They give large portions for a reasonable price. I often have enough to take home for the next day.

Ronelle P.

Always love this place! Great cheese steaks and pizza. Service with a smile is what they serve!

Sabrina L.